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Runtime error returned from web service at runtime on GEL Script

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by Alex_Feldstein
I am adding a new step for an existing Audit Process (my first GEL script).

Everything works, fine, queries, results, processing, and email to be generated, except for one error I am not clear on.

In order to record the audit failure and generate an email to the resource, I add a record (XOG) to a table. This is basicaly copied over from the other functioning steps. Code below (simplified for clarity - pun not intended):
<!-- XOG-in new Audit instances for each exception found -->
<soap:invoke endpoint="${XOGURL}/niku/xog" var="runresult">
      xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xog="">
        <NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" 
          <Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" 
            overrideAutoNumbering="false" objectType="customObjectInstance" version="8.0"/>
          <customObjectInstances objectCode="ryder_audit">
            <instance instanceCode="UNIQUEID" objectCode="ryder_audit">
                <ColumnValue name="assign_to">${RES_ID}</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="category">${CATEGORY}</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="code">UNIQUEID</ColumnValue>  
                <ColumnValue name="due_date">${DUE_DATE}</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="name">Transaction Entry task resource mismatch</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="notify_to">${MANAGER_ID}</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="page_layout">odf.ryder_auditFrame</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="partition_code">NIKU.ROOT</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="priority">CAL_HIGH</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="status">CAL_OPEN</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="text">Voucher with entry number "${VOUCHERNO}" blah blah (error text here)...</ColumnValue>
                <ColumnValue name="unique_id">${UNIQUE_ID}</ColumnValue>
The problem is with ${CATEGORY} as in line 20:
[font=Courier New]
<ColumnValue name="category">${CATEGORY}</ColumnValue>
contains the code for the step. Our coding goes from SC1001 and up. This process has many steps. The last one is SC7004, so I added the new one as SC7005.

This fails with a lookup error, returned in an XML file at the server by the following line:
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<gel:serialize fileName="d:\audit_output.xml" var="${runresult}"/>
I checked the value at runtime and it was correct. I also hardcoded "SC7005" and get the same lookup validation error. I then changed it to one of the other values from previous steps and it worked fine.

The question is, where is it looking to validate the code for the new step? IOW, I addded a new step (first time doing this), but I did not see any place where I would have to "register" it or otherwise add it to the database to be in some lookup table.

All I did was add a new step, copy and modify existing code, validate and submit, then execute the process.

Any pointers appreciated.