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updating pw's for BO users created through Clarity

Question asked by christina.felts on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2011 by mphelan
We currently have Clarity working with BO. When a user runs a report an account gets created for their ID in BO. The problem we're having is that we have Clarity using our LDAP for authentication and every few months we're required to change our passwords so the user's Clarity password changes as well. After a user changes their ldap/clarity password they can no longer run reports and recieve the error "Invalid expression reportViewerUrl($reportResponseData): reporting.loginError". The only solution I know of at this point is to go delete the user in BO and have them run the report again. This isn't a very managable solution as we increase the amount of users in our production environment trying to run reports.

Does anyone know a way to manage this automatically? I was thinking either make the account be deleted after a report is run, have clarity update the password in bo, or somehow regularly sync the passwords? I saw that BO has the option to setup LDAP authentication itself, is this an option? I think in the install directions it specified using the "enterprise" authentiction instead of ldap though.

Any help would be appreciated.