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Process trying to translate a value?

Question asked by amy.yarrington on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by Dave
We have a process that sets a field on our status report to "Submitted" when the user kicks it off. When we view status reports in our portlet, we are seeing a bunch of reports that have a status value that is not English, but instead is some other word that translates to "Submitted". There appear to be several languages being used - I've seen German and Swedish for certain, along with a few others. The odd thing is that when I open the actual status report object and look at the status field it is blank. Why is the process sometimes attempting to use a different language when setting the value of this field? I have checked the process step itself and it appears to be correct. Based on the reports that I am seeing, these users are all based in the US so I doubt that they have their locale set to something else.