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Duplicated resources on the project team tab- anyone seen this?

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by ramganesh.kanagasabai
We have an instance where projects have resources duplicated. For exmaple : John Smith with show twice. Once has actuals and the assignment with allocations; The other will show 0 allocations, 0 assignments, 0 actuals.
when i open the project in MSP I will see a -1 after the resource name like

Smith, John ABC123
Smith, John ABC123-1

The ABC123 is the "good' one with the allocations, actuals, etc (person has logged time) but it shows up in BOLD RED (in MSP)
the ABC123-1 shows in normal black font.

In Clarity on the project team tab, you see the exact same id for both entries.

All we know is that one person performed a copy from template [from the project properties page] and unchecked the box "convert resources to roles" then someone went behind her and did an Add/update from OBS on the team tab, using the OBS that these people belonged to- i don't know yet what options she chose. However, I did these steps in our test envr't and nothing duplicated.

I cannot find anything on support or on here that is simliar to this issue. Has anyone every encountered this? If so, how do you correct it? If I try to remove the one with no actuals, it says the mesage about cannot remove due to committed assignments/actuals.