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Part Time Resource and Resource Allocation

Question asked by cshah on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by allen.bollinger
Hello All,

I apologize if this question is already out there. I would like to find out how you have represented part time resources in Clarity? We have a resource that works 8 hours a week only. I am aware of two options currently:
1 Under Resource Properties Main General page setting the "Availability" Field for how many hours a resource is available for a business day. I can change this to 1.6 however if I look at the resource under Resource Planning, the allocation is now set to 1.6 however the availability rate is 8. Why is the resource still available for 8 hours?
2 Resource Properties Main General page - The calendar tab. Using this feature not really sure how I can indicate a resource is part time.

Any help is appreciated.