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Creating alerts for SQL Errors

Question asked by JBradleyCSWG on Feb 4, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by SergioMorales
Hello, we're in the process of setting up Wily Introscope 9 in our environment. I have a request from our developers to create an alert that will email them any time a SQL Error message is found. Ideally this would include the details of the error in question. They understand that this has the potential to generate a significant number of alerts (but it's just for testing purposes).

I've created a few alerts based off of other metric groupings, but how can I get the error messages that are being caught? Granted I could alert on the # or errors per interval, but that requires that someone sign into investigator and review the history to find the error in question, and it isn't what we're hoping to provide.

Can any one give me a hint on how to get this information?

Josh Bradley