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ACWP for Effort Task in Earned Value

Question asked by dtietze on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2011 by Robert Ensinger

I'm struggling wiht Earned Value setup in a special case.

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In principle, everything works fine. I'm just not managing to make the "ACWP" value show up for actuals posted against the Effort Task.
Actuals posted against individual taks work, propagate, all EV metrics are calculated. So it's not a general EVM configuration issue. It only doesn't work when using the effort task.

I've set up and financially enabled my project. I've booked a resource, had an effort task created. Created a baseline. Resource enters time againast the project (i.e. against the effort task). Timesheet is approved, posted, WIP posted, etc. Ran all the appropriate jobs (I think). Set percent complete on ~rmw task ( 20% ). Project is open for time entry, approved, financially activated. Effort Task is Open for Time Entry.

The situation is:
- Actuals (Units and Cost for Actuals) show up in Cost Plan (40 hours, USD 2,800)
- Actuals (hours) are shown in the effort task ( ~rmw ) for the resource
- Project Hierarchy correclty shows Planned Cost of 59,920.00 and Actual Cost of 2,800. So the actual cost transactions are definitely there.

The EVM fields in the task view (for Effort Task) now show:
- ACWP = 0.0 (this is my problem)
- BAC = 57.120 (i.e. shows correctly)
- BCWP = 11,424.00 (i.e. correct)
- CV = 11,424.00 (would be correct assuming Actual Cost of 0)
- ETC (T) - Blank (makes sense, without Actual Cost we can't calculate ETC(T) )
- ETC (AT) = 45,696 (correct)

The EVM fields in the baseline show:
- BCWP - show correclty
- SV: Shows correctly
- BAC: Shows correctly
- ACWP = 0.00 (this is wrong!)
- EAC: Blank (again, makes sense with no AC)
- CV: Shows correctly, assuming Actual Cost of 0
- CPI is blank
- SPI: Shows correctly

So it appears that the EVM calculation is not picking up Actuals posted against the Effort Task, even though the Actuals are shown in the rest of the financial system correctly. And without Actual Cost, half of the EVM metrics are either blank or incorrect.

Any help? What could I be doing wrong?