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New to SiteMinder - Granular Authenticate Support Requirement-urgent

Question asked by allen.deklerk on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by Gene_Howard
Have a deployment of IM R12.5 without SM.
User has a custom CA developed Authentication scheme they need to deploy as follows:
[*]1-Authenticate Support users (+-150) using a custom SM Keystroke Biometric scheme (Making use of SM authentication dialogue box)
[*]2-Authenticate Rest of IM users (+-19000) using normal web authentication (without the SM dialogue box appearing)

This will ensure that only the key role players are impacted as part of the roleout, as the client has a Change Management program that caters for the Support users.
All the remainder of the IM users must not be impacted at all as the Line Managers logging into IM, must still be able to do this via web login --> NO SiteMinder login dialogue box. This is the impact the client wants to avoid.

What SM Configuration can be done to facilitate this granular Authentication capability please?