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GEL Script : "Subprocedures"?

Question asked by Dave on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by Dave
I'm writing a slightly complex GEL script, and I find I am repeating some sections of the GEL 'code' a few times in the GEL script that I am going to paste into my Clarity process.

So my question is;

Is there the concept of a sub-procedure in GEL scripting, ie I can write a piece of GEL code and call it a number of times within the same overall GEL script?

(if it helps any, the bit of code that I'm repeating is a "send email" chunk of code around the <gel:email> method)

(I don't know if I'm phrasing all this right either; should I be looking at the problem from another direction and talking about creating new methods which extend the <gel:email> method?)

Confused! :wacko: