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Editing SupProject view within a program

Question asked by matpj on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2011 by Akhil.Kakkar
Hi all,

I would like to edit the subproject view within a program to add some info and remove others (such as 'count')
on searching through this forum, I am beginning to get the idea that it is not possible from within the GUI, but maybe possible by editing xml/xsl files.

Has anyone done this before?
Can any standard system view be edited in this way?
Are there any dangers?

I have been asked by one of our users if its possible to remove the count field, add the budget field, change the width of the baseline and also add the ability to export to Excel (the last bit, I reckon isn't possible at all in the standard subproject view)

Thanks in advance,