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Not able to show Custom Attribute in Resource Planning Portlet Filter

Question asked by sundar on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by sundar

I have created 2 custom attributes User id and PM user id in Team object and want to bring those fields as filter in resource planning portlets.
(Weekly detail portlet) As only resource id will be available in all portlets.we want to show the user id too.

These OOB portlets are build based on object.iam able to bring these attributes in list view but not in Filter.Iam also able to bring that in the
Project object Team -->Filter and also in Team Selection - Filter.

These attributes are not avilable in the Portlet-->List Filter Layout but iam able to view it in List filter Fields -->When selected Display All.
When i tried to submit these attribute it is throwing an system error.when i took an sql trace i found that it is trying to insert in to CMN_CAPTIONS_NLS where the entry is already there.

cannot insert NULL into ("CLARITY"."CMN_CAPTIONS_NLS"."PK_ID")

How to bring these attributes in Resource planning portlet -->Filter?.

Is iam missing any thing ?

Clarity version--> 12.0.6