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Backend Stall Count high in overview, no specific query to point to

Question asked by jfaldmo on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by VLu
When I look at the overview graph for a specific backend, only the top level "Metric" shows the stall count. When I look under the "Commits", "RollBacks", or "SQL" metrics all of them have a stall count of zero.

I also did a search and sorted by value. Only the top level metric shows a value other than zero.
E.g. 3060/dbname,cn=oraclecontext,dc=wh,dc=domain,dc=ltd ldap-//oid (Oracle DB) shows a stall count of over 1000 and growing. All the other "Resources" listed have a value of zero.

How can I find what is stalling or what does it mean when that top level metric shows a stall count and nothing below it does?