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BROWSE-ONLY NSQL construct / parameterised lookup

Question asked by Dave on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Georgy N Joseph
Bit of a long-shot, but does anyone know when (if?) the "[font=Courier New]@BROWSE-ONLY:[font]" construct was "stable" in the various Clarity versions?

I know what it is meant to do (and how to use it), it is just that in my 8.1 FP3 system, it does not appear to be working "as advertised"...

It doesn't throw an error or anything, it just appears to always apply the code within the [font=Courier New]@BROWSE-ONLY: :BROWSE-ONLY@[font] markers even when I am not in "browse" mode.

The functionality is not documented in v8.1 (but there is a TEC note saying this is a documentation error TEC440235 i.e. that its missing in the documentation). It is used in a number of stock Clarity lookups at v8.1.


I'm trying to use it in a custom parameterised lookup I'm associating with my TASK and ASSIGNMENT object.

Perhaps there is a problem with it working in conjunction with parameterised lookups in v8.1.... I'll investigate that......