Informal Survey conducted on IDMS-L (January 2011)

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An informal survey was conducted on IDMS-L in January in order to gain some insight into IUA User Community attitudes towards a move of some portion of to the CA User Communities web presence. A discussion thread "List servers, secure e-mail, and my curiosity " was started by myself. Some of the areas opened for discussion were: Switching the IDMS-L List Server to a Message Board, and Relocating content from IUA’s actual domain presence of to Survey summary results follow:

Against 7/16 = 43%
For 5/16 = 31%
Feedback 4/16 = 25%

Not Counted: 7 Total: 23 posts, 16 counted Some notes are appropriate.

“Feedback” includes both feedback with constructive criticism or just comments – but which in general did not reflect a strong “For” or “Against” bias.
“Not Counted” reflects multiple posts from the same individual.So, while there were 23 posts on the discussion thread, only 16 were counted.
All of the comments, with some discussion of the issues raised, have been summarised in a document which will be circulated to the IUA Board this week. I hope to be able to make the “discussion” document available for review by interested parties in the next week.When approved by the Board I will make the report available at and at – and then post the availability on IDMS-L. Many thanks to those who took the time to take part in this survey