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Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Mar 2, 2011
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Hello Garry:

I think what you have done so far is very good and I think that most of us in this industry embrace change as a fact of life. I myself have already been on the communities and I like the format. The only issue I had was to look at anything I had to sign in but I already have a CA site ID and user id so once I signed in I had no further issues.
What I am thinking (and only me) is that some people may be upset over the way that it was done? If I have this sequence correct you first asked what
people thought and asked them to go look at it and offer an opinion.
Most of the responses that I saw on the list were negative, meaning no don't get rid of the list, I don't recall any that said yes do it, go for it.
So to me (and me only) why did you ask for opinions or comments in the first place if this is what it's going to be? The you and the IUA might have had
better support if it had just come out and said were switching to communities and explained why up front.

William M. Allen, Jr.