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Baseline Timesliced at the task level

Question asked by bfarquhar on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by bfarquhar
Can anyone tell me if they see timesliced "Baseline Usage" data when they create at TSV attribute in the WBS and pull in the Baseline Usage field. I have a case open with CA because I cannot get Baseline usage data to show in a TSV on the WBS. They tell me it is because Baseline is not sliced at the task level. I find that hard to believe when they have Actuals, ETC, Total Effort, etc. at the task level and appears in the WBS. I want to challenge them on it so I was hoping someone in the user community could confirm for me that they see timesliced baseline usage in the WBS. My gut is telling that something in our environment is not set up correctly so the data is not populating in the database or timeslice tables. Any thoughts or info people could provide would be much appreciated. I have attached a screenshot of what I'm talking about.