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Multiple Issues with Installing CABI r3

Question asked by stephen.hogge on Mar 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by Robert Ensinger

We are in the midst of a project to upgrade from Clarity 12.0.5 and CABI r2.1 to Clarity 12.1 and CABI r3 and we have run into a number of issues with the CABI r3 part of the upgrade and I was hoping that folks here who have successfully been through this process might be able to provide some assistance.

First, we appear to have an issue where any of our linked universes have become corrupted when we migrate them from our CABI r.2 environment to the new CABI r3 environment in Dev. We then have to rebuild theses linked universes and we encounter an issue where some of our WEBI reports that uses these universes work fine, but others will generate errors when run, and when we try to edit the WEBI and check the query, we get a message that some of the items are no longer available in the universe.

We have not yet been able to determine a pattern, as we may have two WEBIs with the same attributes from the same universe and one will work fine and the other will not work.

Second, we have moved CABI r3 and Clarity 12.1 to a QA environment and are now running into an issue where we get a Invalid Login error message when we run a report from Reports and Jobs. We have enable Trusted Authentication and have confirmed that the shared secret password is the same in the NSA and the CMC and we have run the Create Business Objects Users job. We did not have any issues with this aspect in Dev, but our Dev environment is all on one box, where our QA has a seperate App, DB, and Reporting server.

We are running on Solaris with an Oracle 11g database and are using Websphere as our App server for Clarity and Business Objects.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.