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Instance edit on an Issue, Risk or Change Request

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Mar 14, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
Hi all.
We're looking to bring standardization and governance to our Issue, Risk and Change Request (R,I & CR) business processes. This means its time for the Process Engine!

As per our RACI, our requirement is for the PM to be able to assign the R,I,CR to a resource and have them run with it. In Clarity, we'd like for the process to automagically grant them the edit permission for that specific R,I or CR, since the Assigned To Resource - not the PM - will be responsible for working it & keeping it up to date.

Here are the challenges we see:
- There is no individual R, I or CR Edit permission, the OOTB Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Create/Edit permissions are granular only down to the project.
- We do not want to grant the global, OBS or even the project level create/edit to accomplish this. This is sending a hammer when we need a scalpel.

As of now it looks like Clarity can't meet these requirements.
1) Are we missing something?
2) If not, is anyone else doing this successfully today and has some tricks to share?
3) If not, what are you doing around who is responsible for editing/updating your Issues, Risks and Change Requests that you find works well?

We don't want to simply pile more clicking on our PMs. We'd prefer Clarity to empower & support what they do best - plan, communicate, delegate and manage the deliverables.