the z/os 1.12 fixes

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Mar 15, 2011
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Just a comment: the fixes supplied by CA do indeed resolve the z/OS XTIOT dynamic allocation problem - if you have yet to apply this fix to your R17.0 environment - a few reminders
If you have GS27525 or GS53980 or LS95989 - you will need to RESTORE then and all related PTFs(and then re-apply those fixes - then the new fixes - and then the optional fixes you restored - if you have lots of unaccepted pTFs like me - I would recommend compressing your target loadlib before the RESTORE and again before the RE-APPLY
The optional apar(s) you just removed will need to mention RO24483 as a prereq
Also - if you have not installed maintenance recently - RO24483 does have prereqs which you may not have installed - be prepared to go back to CA for more fixes ..... Chris Hoelscher