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Is there a data provider with basic project info and parent/child info

Question asked by myoung5000 on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by senthi
Does anyone know if there is a delivered data provider that includes most if not all of the project object attributes and the parent/child information.

I am trying to create a portlet similar to a project list with lots of project fields/attributes and also include parent/child relationship fields/attributes.

I want to be able to sort my project list type portlet by parent project then child within parent.

I have used the project object for other portlets but it does not contain the parent child info.

I see an object thats available as a data provider that is called "Investment Parents" and it includes the parent/child info but not the other project fields/attributes.

If there is no such data provider, can anyone tell me how to join the necessary tables in NSQL to create a data provider in a query to use for the portlet?
I am not very NSQL savy.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Matt Young