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Extraction of Project Status Report Content

Question asked by HenryThompson on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by kpress
Hi all

I’m new to both Clarity and certainly this forum so please excuse both any lack of knowledge or inappropriate use of terminology.

Right now in our organisation we are trying to achieve our BAU reporting using the functionality we immediately used within Clarity.

The problem our PMO have right now is that our project managers are using the Status Report to input weekly project reporting and we’re extracting these inputs and compiling into an overall report for management reporting purposes.

Right now the only way we’ve identified to extract the Status Report content is to go to each project record and export into Excel and then use just the most recent report data.

We are sure there must be some means which enables us to extract the report data in a more efficient manner however our knowledge of the product is very limited so we just don’t know even what is possible.

Even if there was perhaps some means to extract every report ever produced for every project that would be a step forwards in the interim period before we have the expertise available to design a custom dashboard for us.

Hoping someone can assist with either some recommendations for further research or an interim solution as right now we’re quite stumped on how to proceed.

Many thanks in advance.

Henry Thompson
PMO Analyst