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Easy way to export data from portlets  (Grid) to CSV file?

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2011 by another_martink
Hi Everyone,

When you export to Excel (we are 12.04 Oracle) from a porlet (can pick even simple one such as project list), the file name says .xls but when you open it (or attempt to save) it is really an .xml file. You have to do a save as to save it as a true .xls or in this user's case, a .csv. However, some fields don't export correctly such as the project id, for the .csv file to recognize it as a number (in our case, our ids are auto numbered and are all numbers) . Though I don't feel this is a true Clarity issue, I advised I would ask others for information. Here are my questions

1. Is there a way to directly export the data to a csv file? (I wasn't sure if 12.1 offerred anything as we are upgrading very soon). Instead of Clarity defaulting it to an xml file (not even an xls file)

2 This user takes the CSV file and puts into Text pad (note pad on steroids) and often he will see the , , , where values should be (example might see the , , , for project ids) I am told this means it can't recognize it thus puts nulls, and so he says Clarity is not exporting the data correctly to the XML (keep in mind, I disagree, as some times it DOES work). So, my question is-- could there be something in the data records or portlet settings that would make this work sometimes but not others (two different porlets)?

3. I searched this community and I search the support site and found nothing on CSV files, other than XOG related-- so does anyone even export data from Clarity to use in a CSV file? If so, how do you do it so that there are no commas (null , , , ). The only thing I found remotely close is an old situation where a user might have two different versions of Excel, but this is not the case.