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IM R12.5 SP3 Report Server implementation problems

Question asked by allen.deklerk on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on May 25, 2011 by Chris_Thomas
We are experiensing a huge problem with the IME12.5 SP3 Report Server deployment in DEV, SIT and PROD and this is impacting our Project Deliverables and deployment into Production severely. We are officially slipping on this task.

We are completed with a total IMR12.0 upgrade to IMR12.5 SP3. The only remaining problem we have is that the Report Server is not functioning correctly. The installation and configuration for the Report Server goes through with no problem.

When we Select Reports to run, they execute successfully but when we want to view the Reports, there is nothing to be displayed. We have now formally repeated this process 3 times and double checked the procedures for Snapshot creation and linking.

We also have a SEV-2 logged but not getting joy from Support at this point in time. We MUST resolve this before COB today.
Can somebody please assist us in this regard as a matter of urgency?
ANY and ALL help will be great appreciated please.

Has anybody seen a Business Objects Enterprise Central Management Console tab under Business Object anywhere?
Support was querying us on whether we had this available but we were unable to locate this........