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Read Accented Characters in GEL script

Question asked by DevK on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by johle07
Hi All,

We have a GEL script that is reading data from a CSV file to XOG resource records to CA Clarity. The GEL Process reads data from CSV and stores it in a staging table. GEL further processes the records from staging table to XOG them into Clarity System.

This CSV file has a resource with an accented character in its name - "é". The GEL process that is reading this data is interpreting the character as "?". The direct DB update (to staging table, not CA Tables :bashful: ) or even manual update via CA Clarity works fine.

Can a GEL process read special characters such as "é" or does it need any special coding/configuration?

We are using the below code to read CSV file stored on a shared drive from Clarity App Server:

<core:catch var="errorVar">

<f:readFile commentIndicator="#" delimiter="," embedded="false" fileName="${v_Tabseparatedfile}" var="input"/>

${v_Tabseparatedfile} is the variable storing an absolute path of CSV file.

Appreciate any help regarding this issue.