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nikuadmin preupgrade

Question asked by snturner1 on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2011 by snturner1
I have been trying to get Clarity 12.1 installed on a new Linux box now for 2 months.

Our current issue is upgrading the DB. We are using Oracle 10G. It will be upgraded to 11 G as soon as we can get testing done. I completed a new install of Clarity 12.1 and had the application, DB and report server running. During this install the "DB Upgrade" button would not work in the NSA. After making adjustments to indexes in the DB, I was able to get the upgrade complete using the "nikuadmin db upgrade" command, from the command line. The button in NSA would not work. The process would start and then just stop, no errors. At that time I was not told I needed to run the "nikuadmin preupgrade" command. Everything was working without any issues. Development decide they needed the DB refreshed from production with fresh data. The DBA refreshed the DB from Prod, which is 8.1.3 data. I tried to run the "nikuadmin db upgrade" but no luck. No errors. Application will not start due to "Failed to verify database" and "Current database schema version is not compatible with the application version. Database version: 8.1.3; application version: 12.1.0".

So my contact at CA tells me that I should have ran the "nikuadmin preupgrade" command first. I try that. It completes in about 2 secs. CA tells me that is not good and it is probably not working. CA suggests that I request a new refresh of the DB again. It takes a week to get the refresh complete. When it's complete I run the "nikuadmin preupgrade" again. Same thing, 2 secs.

So do I go ahead and try to run the "nikuadmin db upgrade" command now? Does anyone know how to check to make sure the "nikuadmin preupgrade" command worked? Why do I need to use the "nikuadmin preupgrade" command the second time around and not the first time? Why did it work the first time, after some tweaking, and now it won't?

Anyone have any ideas on what should be happening here? How can I verify that the nikuadmin commands are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Interesting note: I searched for "nikuadmin preupgrade" on the CA support site. It comes up in several documents. The documents all say "Performs the necessary steps to prepare CA Clarity PPM for an upgrade. Note: See the Installation Guide for more information." Every document listed says the same thing, including the installation guide.