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Actuate Reporting - server images for report

Question asked by matpj on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by Owen_R
Hi all,

In the process of finsihing off a report on our old system (7.5.3 with Actuate eRD Pro)

The Actuate iServer has an image folder with a few images in it such as red, green, amber icons etc.

If I publish my report to a parallel folder with a relative path to the image - the server translates the URL to:

<clarity server>/acweb/images/<imagename>.gif

rather than a link to its location on the actuate server..

I now cant see the point in the images on the actuate server - if they are all referenced to the acweb folder (wherever that is...)

I want to create my own icons and was hoping to just upload them to the actuate server...
Can anybody advise?

Thanks in advance,