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Question asked by timma.l.wilson on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by RayRay-DTV
YOu know how when you launch a project out of Clarity into MS Project, it shows the name of the project in the MSP title bar? Twice now, I've had users report that they'll launch a Project, and it will suddenly show Project 3 in the title bar instead of the project name. When I launch the project on my machine it opens normally with the correct project name in the title bar. When the user in question opens any other project it opens normally with correct project name in the title bar. CA Support ran a sql trace and showed that Clarity is indeed passing the correct project name, so it appears to be a desktop issue. Neither CA nor our local computing support seems to be able to figure it out. Has anyone else seen and more importantly resolved this issue?