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Deparment and Location OBS Question

Question asked by timma.l.wilson on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2011 by timma.l.wilson
We have deployed Clarity on a limited scale, IT only for now. Our headquarters is in Wichita, KS but we have sites around the world. We have setup our Location OBS as follows:

USA > Kansas > Wichita
Europe > UK > Prestwick

We have setup our Department OBS as Follows:

CIO (Parent)
- Wichita (Child)
- Prestwick (Child)

Here's my concern, every department has to tie back to a location.
CIO, the parent location, ties to Wichita.
Wichita, a child of CIO, ties to Wichita.
Prestwick, a child of CIO, ties to Prestwick.

Am I setting myself up for headaches? What are the possible ramifications of tying the parent to one location and the child to a different location?