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Clarity ratio replacement problem

Question asked by hhoeeg on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by els.langenus
We have a problem/issue in connection with role replacement. When using the standard replace-functionality in Clarity, the problem is related to situations where the availability between role and resource is different. In these cases we do not get a replacement of the role as expected.

In order to illstrate the problem we have created an example below:

A role called "Role X" is allocated to a project for 10 hours over a period of 10 working days. That is 1.0 hour per day. The availability of "Role X" is 7.0 hours per day. We now want to replace this role with a resource called "Resource Y". "Resource Y" only works parttime and has an availability of 3.5 hours per day, but that should be enough to replace "Role X" as this is only 1.0 hour per day.

When we do the replacement in Clarity the result is that "Role X" now is allocated to the project for 5.0 hours and "Resource Y" is also allocated for 5.0 hours. The result is therefore only a partial replacement of "Role X" with "Resource Y", but we would have expected the behaiviour in Clarity to be a 100% replacement of the role.

Our conclusion is that Clarity do the replacement based on the ratio between the avilability rate for the role and resource (in the example above 3.5/7.0 = 0.5). We face the same problem in relation to the calendars. If we update the calendar for "Resource Y" so it does not longer reflect the calendar for "Role X" Clarity will do a replacement based on a ratio between avialability for the role and calendar hours for the resource.

Have any of you experienced the same behaviour and problem in connection with your use of Clarity? If yes what have you done to solve/handle this?

Any feedback will be very usefull and really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.