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Multiple instance issue of processes on Clarity 8.1.3

Question asked by Sujith_Sasankan on Apr 8, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by Dave
We are seeing some strange things with our BG lately.

We have couple of processes having GEL scripts that are run as jobs. When we run the process, multiple instances (sometimes as many as 10) of the process gets executed (when viewed through Organizer).

Also, for processes attached to objects and having start condition specified, even if we check the "Do not run another instance" check box, we have seen multiple instances getting instantiated when the condition is satisfied. This is putting pressure on the BG and most often, BG runs out of memory and crash.

We are on 8.1.3 and heard there are some bugs in the version that we are on. Is that true and is there any workaround (upgrade is not feasible for us at the moment).