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Question asked by RK_408 on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by Dave
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Please Help me out regarding assaigning the Permissions to user in clarity ppm.

i have created a 4 custom objects.
i could not find these custom objects on user page,even after granting the particular resource permmissions.

so i have built a 4 portlets in which the 4 custom objects has been linked.
then i have created a portlet page in which these 4 portlets are added.
The main functionality of this portlet is to enter the data by the user ,so that data will be store in the dB.
i have added new and delete buttons to the portlet through action Layout menu available in the
portlet .

now i need to provide permissions to the user to enter the data through this page.

i have added permissions as below:

Added portlet view and edit permissions to this user.
Added page view and edit permissions to this user.
Added all the four objects view and edit permissions to this user.
Added object adminster permission to this user.

Inspite of adding all the permissions to the user

user is able to view the portlet/page.
but not able to edit the data.
The "new" and "delete" Buttons viewed on my page are not displayed on the user page.

As the new and delete Buttons are not displayed on the user page ,the user cannot input the data

Please help me out in this regard.
Thanks in Advance..