Clarity Processes: Process Escalations

Discussion created by Dana_Jones-Viering on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hi Everyone,

I have a customer who is configuring Process Escalations. I have not been able to help get him what he seems to want.

His request is below. Thanks to anyone who can help!


We would like to utilize escalations and want to understand how
it works. We set few escalations, but its not sending subsequent
escalations in our system.

Our primary purpose is to set escalations where project steps runs for more
than certain mins and that step could have actions to run a job. If the job
takes longer than specified we would want escalations to appear.

For. Ex. If you create a process and set step to run Datamart Extraction
(or any other job) job and if it takes more than 30 mins, it should send us
escalations every 5 mins and that is what we're not able to make it work.

We set step escalations and process escalations and set necessary
Initial/Subsequent Grace Period but still process is not sending escalations
as per setup.

It has been suggested that a possible solution would be to write a custom GEL script which would call the Datamart extraction Stored
Procedure 'NBI_EXTRACT_SP'. However that is not the full request. Customer wants the escalations to tell him when something has
taken too long to run.