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ACWP and Rate Matrix Extraction

Question asked by pete.gallagher on Apr 18, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by pete.gallagher
We have discovered that Clarity does not use the Rate Matrix in performing Earned Value calculations and that the custom table used to do the calculations does not extract all Rate Matrix columns which impacts an individuals rate to be used in the calculation of ACWP. An example would be "Input Type Code" as a column in the rate matrix where a row identified as OVERTIME would have a rate different than REGTIME. The table used for ACWP calculations does not distinguish between the two, our understanding is a user has a single rate in the custom table used for ACWP. Our users expect to see the actual cost of the project in Real Time and would expect that the costs displayed in the Cost Plan would be equal to the value displayed as ACWP. Have others encountered issues with ACWP and/or other Earned Value calculations? What approach have you taken with the end user community to satisfy their need to see real time data (cost calculaitons?). Any insight into what others are doing would be greatly appreciated!

Rate Matrix Extraction - we run this job every 15 minutes so that rates for newly assigned team members will be available for export to MSP, and be available to COST Plan calculations. Am curious as to how often others run the RME job, how you deal with rates being available to Cost Plans and MSP (if using the interface).