Help! Actuals not XOGng in

Discussion created by matpj on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by Dave
Hi guys/girls

I have migrated a couple of projects from 7.5.3 into our 12.1 environment

Everything seems to be coming across apart from the actuals.
To begin with it complained about the trackmode - so I removced it from the XOG and set the projects to Trackmode = 'None'

The task/assignment/actcurve/segment section is present in the XML with values against the 'sum' attribute.

its just not showing on the project when I refresh the screen.
the XML is successful (apart from a warning about OBS)

any ideas from anyone?

I attach an example of one of the projects..
This was used to successfully create the project (minus the actuals)

our 12.1 is otherwise empty - no timesheets or transactions for anything.
just the minimum standing data required for migrating our projects.

Thanks in advance,