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how to use newline while concating data in foreach

Question asked by rg2027 on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by urmas
Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to e-mail list of resources in the below format.


Code snippet used:

<core:forEach indexVar="ID" items="${GetResourceData.rowsByIndex}"
trim="true" var="resourceLoop">
<core:set value="${GetResourceData.rows[ID].Resource}" var="Resource"/>
<core:set value=" ${Resource} ; ${vRes}" var="vRes"/>
<mail:email server="sssss" from="xxxxxxx"
subject="xyz" to="yyyyy">
Resources :

Result :

Resource1 ; Resource2; Resource3;

how do I insert new line .
Tried using <core:set value=" ${Resource} \n ${vRes}" var="vRes"/> .
But no luck.

Thanks for your time