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How do you retrieve email log data

Question asked by Tammi Champion on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2011 by Tammi
Hi Everyone
I created this ticket for Ondemand but can someone walk me thru how i can retrieve email logs on my onpremise server for Clarity 7.5.2
How many messages are sent within a minute, hour, day, month? 

Entered by Support Portal User TAMMI REEL
Good Afternoon Support Team,

Our company is in the process of going from Groupwise to MS Exchange and they
had some questions they wanted us to answer, since we Ondemand I want to make
sure the questions are answered correctly

We are in the process of preparing to migrate from GroupWise to Microsoft
BPOS.  The way in which applications can send mail will change.  We need to
catalogue the applications that are using, and how they are using, the email

We need to know:

What application is using email (to include version number)? I can answer
this question

How it is communicating with email.  SMTP?  MAPI?  Something other? I need
and answer to this questions

How many messages are sent within a minute, hour, day, month? Can this
information be supplied to us?