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Where is ROI value stored?

Question asked by dtietze on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2011 by dtietze

We need to develop a Portlet which shows a list of projects with their NPV and ROI values -- similar to the financial roll-up.
We found the NPV values in the database schema. We can't find the correct ROI value, though. There are a couple of "AGGR_ROI" and similar fields, but they don't appear to store the same information as shown in the Financial Rollup / Hierarchy view. Some of them are even marked as deprecated in the technical reference.

I'm sure someone must have already done this in one of their reports. So -- given a project ID or investment ID, what is the correct way of retreiving the project's ROI value? The ROI value needs to match that shown in the hierarchy view.
Clarity Version: 12.0

Any help greatly appreciated.