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Anyone using Change Detector?

Question asked by MelissaHubbard1308789 on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
Hi There!

I'm a little new to the community...sorry if this question has been asked before (I think I searched the community site...but I'm still having trouble navigating and finding my way around the new site...I loved the old wily community site and haven't had time to figure out this new ca site much. . . I know, it's not really "new").

Anyway...I was wondering if anyone is using Change Detector out there? I've been using introscope for several years now (started with v6), so Change Detector has always been on my list of things to evaluate. I just had a couple of questions (looking for feedback)

1. How do you rate change detector
a. can't live without it
b. it's ok
c. skip it

2. If you don't use change detector, do you use something else to detect changes in the environment?

3. How much overhead?

We currently have one MOM and 2 collectors for our production environment. We monitor mainly websphere applications and webservers. I have approx 500 agents reporting in and about 600,000 metrics. So, I think I'm tipping the scales a bit and am probably going to add some more collectors to the environment regardless of using change detector or not.