RE: ROLLFORWARD using Tape ?

Discussion created by thunley on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2011 by Gary_Cherlet
We are looking at doing exactly what you are mentioning as far as modifying our Archive Journal process to go from Tape to Disk and using the date/time stamp in the dataset, allowing us to move away from GDG's. Like you we are using a Replication tool, we use DARS from ISP, which says they have to have the GDG so we are creating two arhcive journals at a time. One archive journal with the date/time stamp, which we use an IBM utility EZACFSM1 tool to do and the other archive journal with the GDG name for the replication tool. My question for you is if you have ran into any caveats with this process? Also, this changes the merge process a bit. The IDMS R17 manual says that the rollforward proces must use tape. Do you copy your offloads to a daily tape?

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