CMMT and IDMS 17+

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Apr 28, 2011
Has anyone else noticed you get the dreaded CANNOT LOCATE CSA message when you attempt to access an IDMS R17 CV through the external CMMT monitor? I got the final version that was compatible with R16 just before the vendor went thru the first of several acquisitions. At the time I thought I heard they were going to put the source code in the public domain or give it to the IUA to maintain.
Has anything been done with it or does anyone have a solution?
Recently I've needed to cancel some tasks externally and they turned out to be batch jobs that had compromised the system but the external monitor is a great help in identifying the problem as well as providing a means to cancel the task.
We're moving towards z/OS 1.11 which is on our tech Lpar where I identified the problem. I thought I had checked this under 1.09, but not completely sure now. If anyone has a line on the source code I'd be willing to take a whack at it.
John Fisher