Xog error when I read a project

Discussion created by cris.perezcoll on Apr 29, 2011
Latest reply on May 2, 2011 by cris.perezcoll
I'm new in XOG and i have very difficults. I have two envoronments: Production and Development. Now in development server, i'm executing a xog for reading a project.
1. First, I edit the properties file with server name, port, user and pwd. I have output= out.xml and input =
2. Then, I open de xog console: Start menu, select All Programs, CA, Clarity, CA Clarity XML Open Gateway.
3. I use the command for executing, see executing_xog.jpg
4.But in the file out.xml I have "Fatal error" (see out.xml) and i don't have anything in the prj_projects_alloc_act_etc_write.xml.

Can we help me, please? thanks a lot.