SmartStorTools test_regex working correctly or what?

Discussion created by VLu on May 4, 2011
So to keep the Collectors running smoothly, we need to run the SmartStorTools regularly to prune/remove_metrics.

Based on the Introscope8.2.3.0SizingGuide.pdf and CA Support, historical metric count should be under 300K. But our historical metric count is always above the 300K level, somewhere 1M. So I used SmartStorTools test_regex to see if there is metric explosion. In my case, test_regex reports no where close to 1M metrics. As of this post, test_regex reported 185K metrics in the /data directory, whereas historical metrics is showing 1.4M metrics. Anyone here uses SmartStorTools test_regex? Do you see the same thing?

On Linux, this will print out the total metrics in your /data directory on the console. Replace -src to your /data directory
EM install/tools>./SmartStorTools.sh test_regex -metrics "(.*)" [u]-src ../data [/u]| grep '|'.* | awk -F'|' '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c
On Windows, this will print out all the metrics to .csv file. Replace -src to your /data directory
EM install/tools>SmartStorTools.sh test_regex -metrics "(.*)" -src ../data > C:\text_regex.csv
hdavis - What's your observation?