Tuesday Tips: R12.5 Backup and Restore MDB Greenbook

Discussion created by Gordonn_Lamothe Employee on May 9, 2011
CA ITCM Tuesday Tip by Gordon Lamothe, Support Engineer for May 10th, 2011

[size=6]We always try to keep our documentation up-to-date, in keeping we that we are pleased to announce the
update version of our Backup and Restore Procedures for DSM Manager on SQL

IT Client Manager R12.5 Backup and Restore Procedures for DSM Managers on Microsoft SQL Server MDB Green Book
is GA and available on CA Support Online.

Direct link to access the document (login to CA Support Online is required):


You can also go to the link below for this and all our other Greenbooks:


Please make sure you follow these procedures whenever you Backup or Restore your MDB

If you have any questions about anything in the manual, please contact Support[size]