CA Tuesday Tip:  During the upgrade from release 3.0 to R11.0 which job sh

Discussion created by whial01 Employee on May 10, 2011
CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Tuesday Tip by Alisa Reynolds, Sr. Support Engineer for May 10,2011

For install step 20, AL7ADUP should be run to perform the data dictionary updates
to the database for clients that are upgrading from CA WA Restart Option release 3.0.
For sites that previously did not have CA 11 installed and are installing it for the very
first time then AL7AD1 should be run. If this is omitted start of CA11 may encounter errors
similar to the following:

DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 02 (052) CXX=AD11CXX (CSD00601)

NOTE: To run these jobs, all CA 11's accessing the same Datacom/AD MUF will have to be
shutdown while the Datacom/AD MUF remains up.