Service Pack update disconnects custom universes

Discussion created by JJHARRELL on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Dear Clarity Reporting Community,
We are taking Clarity through incremental service pack updates from v12.0 SP2 to SP6 to v12.1. We have created separate Business Objects universes to support our custom reports so that they don't get overwritten during an update. Every time an update is installed, these custom universes lose their connection to the Clarity database. Fortunately, we can reset the ODBC connection by exporting a backup universe from the desktop to the server.

We would like to know how to maintain our customization and connections. This is a Microsoft environment using MS Windows Server OS and MS SQL Server. If anyone has experienced this and knows where to tweek Clarity or Business Objects, please let us know.

I have received some very good advice from this forum. I am looking forward to your responses.

Mickey Loeb
Arizona Department of Administration