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Task attribute - LAST_UPDATED_BY

Question asked by on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 16, 2011 by navzjoshi00
Hey you guys, I need your help on this one :what:

We have here a project that list all of our company's critical tasks for the current year.

There is a major concern on who was the last person who updated a given task.

However, we cannot understand clearly, how the task's "LAST_UPDATED_BY" attribute works.

My personal feeling was that it should only be changed when someone updates an attribute in the task. But we are experiencing something different.

For example, when I open a task and simply click the button "Save", without changing the values in it, the "LAST_UPDATED_BY" attribute is updated with my ID. And that's ok. But when I click "Save" on the project's properties page it updates a subgroup of tasks with my ID on the LAST_UPDATED_BY.

I can't find a logic explanation. There is 640 tasks, and my ID appears on 126 of them. And I haven't even opened this tasks. It looks somewhat random. :vader:

Querying the database, I found out that the tasks were all updated at the same time (1 - 2 seconds max of variation). So it looks like all updates were made by a trigger or something like that. But why? And why 126 and not all of them. :wacko: Colleagues reported me that it happened with them, but with a different number of tasks.

I'm really confused and would really appreciate help :grin:

Gustavo de Almeida