asp.net with plex RPG back end.

Discussion created by Mike_Hughes on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by George Jeffcock
Hello out there.

We are trying to rewrite our web front end in ASP.net / c#.net calling Plex RPG on IBM System i / Iseries / AS400 function for Data fetches / Saves / Validation.

It kind of works but is flaky:

About 1 in 10 or so fetches appears to fail to connect to the Iseries and the page is displaying empty data. This seems particularly (but not exclusively) common when the page is called for the first time for the session.

This also occurs for saves. Is there anything we can do to get round this connection failure?

In addition we have discovered that every time we make a call to Plex RPG functions from c# - i.e. for each request, a new Iseries job starts up and closes - this means we sometimes have to start up 3 new jobs for a save / fetch / validation request. This is causing severe performance problems.

Does anyone have any experience in this sort of environment so that we can run ASP / Plex in a more stateful fashion - i.e. maintain an Iseries connection for a session that is re-used for each call to the Iseries?

I have a issue number with CA - 20263510 01