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Custom reports using Packages/procedures, not running with reduced access

Question asked by matpj on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by matpj
Hi all,

we have several reports that were running fine when testing with the database owner login crdentials.

Now we have gone live a new reporting user was created with select access to the tables.

Our custom reports utilise Packages/Procedures to run and they are falling over with a Table or View does not exist.

I have specified the table owner as a prefix to all tables in the SQL but this still doesnt work.
In crystal I can see it it reading records (judging by the status bar) but once the records have been read, it returns the error and doesnt actually display a preview of the report.
With the database owner ('clarity') logging in, it works fine.

Does anyone have any experience of access rights required for a user account that has to run reports based on procedures having Ref Cursors etc.?

I attach a file so you can see the package creation.
There is an initialise package which our report package call.

Any ideas?