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BO Designer OnDemand Connectivity

Question asked by DeNunzio on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by Tammi

We currently use Clarity on the OnDemand model and we're working through configuring Business Objects for reporting.

InfoView/WEBI is working exactly as it should through the browser, and we have the ability to create custom reports against the base Clarity Universe and save them.

We now want to connect Business Objects Designer to the database(s), to create a custom universe, etc.

BO Designer is loaded, the Oracle 9i client is loaded. TNSNAMES is updated. If I fire up the Oracle Net Manager, and open up the VPN tunnel to CA, I can ping and connect to all three databases (DEV, TEST, PROD) using my logons.

However, Designer won't connect at all. I can log onto all three environments fine (using the ussstappxxx:6400 connections). But if I attempt to load/import the universe (so it can be modified), I get a TNS ORA error ("could not resolve service"). I get similar issues if I fire up Desktop Intelligence. So, it seems like the client-side (non-web-based) apps just can't play with the database.

Any thoughts here? Things to look at? Anyone else set up BO with OnDemand? Already have a ticket open with Clarity Support.