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Department OBS of Resources disappears on Home site

Question asked by navzjoshi00 Champion on May 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by Connie_Fu
Dear All

We detected the problem, a bug since we upgraded to v12.1.

Department OBS of Resource disappears when you press the buttons “Save and Continue” or “ Save and Exit” on Tab “OBS and Partitions” of Resource in Admin Tool.

However, when you press button “Cancel” then there's no problem

Steps to reproduce:
1) Take an example resource, who has Department OBS filled on Home --> Resource --> Department.

2) Go to Admin side --> Users --> example resource --> OBS and Partitions Page -->Click on Save & Exit or Save & Continue.

3) Go to Home --> Resources --> example resource.

• Expected: no change in department OBS.
• Actual Result: department OBS is null.

Work Around:
1) From the financial section of resource, the department is not removed after the above actions.

2) So if we just click on save then department on the General page of resource is setting back.

Can anyone confirm if they've observed the same ? If yes, then, is it workin' as expected ?

Thanks & Regards